Healing & Reconnection

Healing & Reconnection
Everyone has past lives.  We are all on our spiritual journey to grow and better ourselves.  Every life you have had plays a part on your path.  Each lifetime we are here we have one major lesson to learn: to be more compassionate, to be more loving, to be more forgiving, et cetera.
We bring things forward from past lives.  Excess baggage, if you will.  Things we don't need to deal with in this lifetime.  Each of our souls is unique and special.  You have been you throughout all your past, and you will continue to be you for all eternity.  When choices you make or major events happen to you in your life (emotional, mental, or physical) it has an impact on your soul.  If not healed, you keep carrying it forward.  The more these events accumulate over time, the more they affect you and prevent you from reaching goals; they can even become a health concern.
Your physical or mental pain could very easily be fragments of a former life manifesting themselves in this one.
Emotional pain can find its way forward as relationship issues, anxiety, or not feeling like yourself - all indicators of past life trauma.
Spiritual blocks arise from past lives where your spirituality was not publicly accepted.  Feeling hesitant, anxious or fearful about exploring any type of spirituality could be linked to a spiritual block.
The good news is that we can heal those things and be free to become our true selves!  If there is a part of your life you feel is blocked, or wish you could be happier in life, you can!  We all carry these remnants with us, let's end the cycle and be free.  There is no hypnosis involved, it's simply a meeting between you a me with God and your Angels helping us along.
Past Life Healing and Reconnection Pricing:
Half hour $50
One hour $100