Home & Business Clearing

Home, Space & Business Clearing:
Clearing a space makes it a sacred place to live and work. It can be done for various areas including:  home, business, office, car, RV, hotel rooms, residence/university housing, meeting rooms, court rooms, schools, churches, and hospitals.  Clearing can affect all aspects of your life - it can lift your spirits, improve your relationships, and provide a foundation for you to live your life to the fullest.
Everyone benefits from a clearing; the effects are felt immediately, and will bring a sensation of peace to those who visit.
Children are especially sensitive to the energies of your home, both good and bad.  They are more likely to hear and see the things our adult minds block, and that can lead to lost sleep, fearfulness, and unpleasant moods.
If you are looking to advance on your spiritual path, a sacred nurturing space to learn and grow is essential for your well-being.
There are many reasons why your space might need a clearing.  Previous tenants, history of the land, and even the negative people who enter your home or business all leave the footprint of their energy behind.
I will provide you with a Space Clearing that properly clears the land, and it can be done in person, or remotely by phone.

Here are some signs your space needs clearing:
-  Selling / Buying a home or auto
-  New business, or wanting to increase business
-  Looking for improved spiritual, physical, or mental health
-  Seeking a romantic partner, or increasing the romance in your current relationship
-  Divorce, change in occupant(s)
-  Feeling negative, heavy, or stagnant energy
-  Tragedy in the home or on the land (events could have happened a long time ago)
-  You (or your child) feels unsafe
-  Child has nightmares, or cannot sleep alone
-  Child sees/hears things that scare them
-  Feeling discomfort in your home
-  Earthbound spirits in home

Benefits of Home/Space Clearing:
- Invokes divine energy, God, Angels into your space
- Align your home with divine energy of God, Angels
- Fills your home with love, light, peacefulness
- Offers sacred space to support you in honouring your life purpose, life path
- Improves and supports your physical, mental, spiritual health
- Makes home feel more welcoming
- Your home feels safer, protected
- Feels good, lighter, better, more relaxed
- Beneficial for sensitive adults/children to live in more sacred space
- Make your home a sacred space to live
- Promotes harmony and peacefulness
- Helps you better connect with divine beings, Angels
- Increases your intuition
- Children sleep better, play more, feel more at ease, less anxious
- Enjoy your yard more, connect with nature easier
- Increased romance, passion in life

Benefits of Business Clearing:
- All of the above, PLUS
- Increased financial abundance
- Promotes welcoming space
- Clients hang out longer (purchase more)
- Clients recommend your business when it feels good
- Attract your target audience
- Bring in nice clients, keep negative clients away
- Clearing supports the purpose, goal of your business
- Align your business with the divine energy of God, Angels
- Divine protection of the business

Clearings by distance are $90
Clearings on-site are $125
This picture was taken at a client's home the morning after I performed a Home Clearing on the property.
It was shot from a cell phone and I believe it captures Divine Light still streaming in.