Medium Sessions

Medium Sessions
When family members or close friends pass on, they are still near us.  They watch us grieve and are only ever a thought away.  They are there for every birthday party, they enjoy every holiday, and they always want to help us find peace and closure.
Loved ones try to communicate, too.  That dime you found in an odd place, or the feather that suddenly crosses your path are just a couple of examples of the many ways our departed try to speak to us.  
In our session you can communicate with them and heal with the reassurance they are at peace and content.
Your connections are eternal.  Those whom you love continue to be a part of you in every lifetime you enjoy here.  We truly never die!
Our session is a safe place where you can feel free to love and grieve, to hurt and smile.  Be vulnerable, be strong, or be sad - just be you.
Medium Session Pricing:
Half hour $50
One hour $100