"Lisa offers amazing, powerful, and insightful information about past lives.  She is divinely connected as she offers past life healing and reconnection to help you move forward in your life.  Very professional!"
          - Karen Forrest, Canadian Bestselling Author of "Angels of the Maritimes"
"Lisa's knowledge and holistic approach made me feel not only comfortable with the process of past life healing and reconnection, but also more connected with my whole being.  She is a great encouragement on the path of spiritual growth."
          - Jennifer Russell, MT, LPN
"Lisa did a reading for me, it was incredibly accurate and brought me to tears at one point, confirmation of a tough decision that had been paining me for months was validated by someone in spirit I love and trust their opinion!
Lisa allowed spirits to give me messages that I needed, and they flowed so naturally!  Her connection with God and the Angels was magnificent, they have messages for all of us and it was neat to hear!  Thanks Lisa I will be spreading your name for sure!"
          - Emily McMaster